Our established reputation as Government real estate experts delivers a client experience that makes the leasing process as efficient and straightforward as possible

When dealing with federal GSA and VA real estate projects, they are more complex than deals between private groups.

Whether it’s bidding on a new GSA office project or identifying a suitable location that meets all the government requirements, you need a team that has a proven track record and industry know-how to successfully navigate the multiple processes and acquire federal contracts. Thanks to our 30 years of experience, we have mastered a proven process that will aid in the profitable and correct completion of your next GSA project, within budget and correctly configured for your particular investment needs.

See Our Brokerage Work

Oakbrook Terrace Tower in IL


Oakbrook Terrace Tower – Equity Office Property Trust 80,000 SF

US Customs was looking for office space in the western Chicago suburbs, which had a secure way to transport detainees. Oak Brooke Terrace offered suitable space and infrastructure to accommodate these unique requirements and W.D. Schorsch LLC initiated a deal process to facilitate a solution. As the broker for Oakbrook Terrace Tower, W.D. Schorsch LLC secured the Government contract.

1233 W. Adams Street, Chicago


1233 W. Adams Street, Chicago – Private Land Owner 1.5 acres 13,000 SF + parking

The GSA solicited proposals for space in a new building for the Social Security Administration. Through non-traditional research, W. D. Schorsch LLC identified a suitable lot of available vacant land and worked with the property owner to develop and present a proposal that would meet the GSA’s requirements. The result was the selection of the W. D. Schorsch LLC project, which continues to be occupied to this day.

Social Security Administration in Elkhart, IN


14,000 SF Social Security Administration Building in Elkhart, IN

When the GSA released a FBO advertisement that specified a new SSA office project in Elkhart, IN, W.D. Schorsch used property research tools and located a city-owned vacant lot in Elkhart IN. We approached the city to develop the land for the GSA, which allowed for development in the attractive central business district and was awarded the project. Once the building was completed, W. D. Schorsch LLC was awarded the 2002 Fairbanks Award, which honors efforts to beautify Elkhart.

“I highly recommend William D. Schorsch as an offeror…based upon my many years of experience in representing Mr. Schorsch. I am confident that he possesses a high-quality process for developing and providing the final project within budget on a timely basis ”
-Client Recommendation

A Nationwide Portfolio of Expertise

  • Veterans Administration Clinic Rochester, MN
  • Community Care Center Orange, CT
  • Pahrump, NV VA00729
    Veterans Administration Pahrump, NV
  • Bureau of Land Management, Twin Falls
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement Lakewood, WA
  • Veterans Administration Pueblo, CO
  • Knoxville_VA-163
    Veterans Administration Knoxville, IA
  • Social Security Administration Chicago, IL
  • Veterans Affairs Community Outpatient Clinic, Rockford
  • Social Security Administration Elkhart, IN
  • Social Security Administration, Youngstown

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Facilities Maintenance & Property Management

To ensure maximum return on your real estate investment, we offer extensive knowledge of building systems, operating procedures, and industry-leading management practices for both tenants and property owners. 




We offer individualized consulting and advisory services to assist in all areas of your project – from the initial proposal and development stage to hiring contractors, project management and ongoing building management.




We solely develop federal government projects and only for our own ownership or a joint venture. We provide comprehensive development services to guide our team through the strict government real estate requirements and help us efficiently and cost-effectively bid and acquire rewarding GSA/VA properties.


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